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The most common myth propagated by real estate salesmen and other proponents of real estate investor is that land is scarce. There is only a limited amount of land in the world. This coupled with the fact that the population of the world is increasing everyday gives credence to the conclusion that the land prices of the world will continue to rise perpetually since there will always be a shortage of land.

However, a look at the numbers will explain that this is not the case. Firstly, it is true that there is a limited amount of land in the world. However, technological development is making it possible to make more efficient use of this land. Studies have been conducted in this area and their conclusions state that even if the population of the world were to rise four fold, there would still be an abundant amount of land for all humans to survive and thrive.

Secondly, studies have also been conducted which states that the population of the world is about to stabilize. This means that the population growth era has reached its peak and now the number of people will remain more or less constant.

Hence, the “land is scarce and therefore precious” logic is nothing but propagation of a myth!

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